Daisy Dean is a Happy Pooch!

Dog Daisy says:

Dear wonderful Calaveras Humane Society staff & volunteers,

Thanks to Calaveras Humane Society’s Spay/Neuter Program I am officially ‘fixed’! Several months ago my human, Cassidy Dean, rescued me, Daisy, from a household that seemed to forget I needed love, encouragement, food, comfort, clean water, fun activities and to remember I AM CANINE. Cassidy and her family showered me with all these necessities and more and brought joy into my life.

Cassidy & her mom, Valerie, knew the importance of immunizations, real dog food, pet grooming, and spaying. Hard times hit their home and through prayer and meditation answers flowed through. They learned how to administer necessary shots through their local feed store, attended “Vet Visitation Day” to get me a rabies shot (yuck!) and heartworm prevention medicine. Cassidy started volunteering as an “intern” at a pet grooming store (approx. 32 hours a week and I can hang out with her the whole time). She discovered healthy dog food at discounted prices at a nearby store and read about Calaveras Humane Society’s spay/neuter voucher program.

Valerie has volunteered at Ironstone and has observed the dedicated Calaveras Humane Society volunteers. She now wears a fashionable purple CHS T-shirt. I was taken to Angels Camp Animal Hospital to be spayed. The office staff were friendly and the vet did what vets do. I am feeling great. Thank you Calaveras Humane Society for making this possible!

With Love – Daisy Dean

July 23, 2012

Happy ending for Daisy Dean the dog

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