Frank - Ready for adoption

Seven-year-old Frank is 95% blind but he does not seem to be aware of itm and it does not challenge him. He has lived indoors only (enjoys the outdoors supervised but cannot be an outdoor cat alone due to his lack of sight.)

– Likes to play and gets along with other cats; is an alpha-type personality in company of other felines.
– Gets along with dogs, does not run from them, will even cuddle with them.
– Frank has been on Taste of the Wild brand grain-free diet but will eat other cat food.
– Frank loves the occasional bite of deli sliced turkey meat or fresh grass.
– Frank is good at traveling and adapts to any environment quickly.
– Frank likes to ride in a front-side backpack or like a baby bjourn style set-up.

The most unique thing about Frank is that he acts more like a dog than a cat due to his high level of human interaction, so he is good for someone who wants a dog but can’t have one. He isn’t the typical cat that gives affection only occasionally on their terms; Frank is literally a “Lap Cat” and needs a lot of affirmation and touching. He would do best with humans that are home a lot that can give him adequate attention.

This cat is a courtesy listing and is not available directly from the Calaveras Humane Society. Please contact the people facilitating this adoption directly via the contact info in this listing. The Calaveras Humane Society accepts no responsibility for and does not guarantee the health or behavior of this cat.

Cat Facts

Male Domestic cat
Coat and color
Long Hair White

To ask about Frank

Frank is currently sheltered by a private individual. Listed here courtesy of CHS.

Please contact
Nicole at or 209.743.6786.



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