Gabby - Ready for adoption

Gabby was nursed by a surrogate, very feral mother, so it took a little longer to get her away from her mom’s apron strings and get her handled and tame. She is a petite, pretty-faced brown tabby that loves belly rubs and is sweet natured. She doesn’t seem too sure about humans still and will usually flit away from unfamiliar folks to one of her safe spaces. She is just a young thing looking for consistency from that one special person.

Gabby was abandoned by her mother cat on a lawn, then revived by Animal Services within an hour of her birth and sent to a foster home with a nursing mother cat. She was a sturdy and healthy kitten but now is small and adorable. She loves her friend, Possum, and the pair need to be adopted together. These two complement each other perfectly.

Cat Facts

Female domestic cat
young adult
Coat and color
short hair brown tabby

To ask about Gabby

Gabby is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Becky at; 209-786-7340 (home); (925) 550-2915 (cell).

Siblings or Fostermates:



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