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Add A Memorial

Those of us who love animals know their time with us is too short and to be treasured. If you would like, you can add a memorial entry to our site to commemorate a pet you have lost.

To Remember A Pet On Our Web Site

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If you want, you can add a small photo of your pet. It should be between 400 - 500 pixels wide, in .jpg format, at 72 pixels per inch. You can email us if you have questions about sending your photo.

Trouble submitting a memorial photo? Please reload the page, fill out the form again, then re-submit the form without a photo and send your photo separately to: Thank you!

Contributions Are Welcome

Calaveras Humane Society is a local, non-profit organization. We are not affiliated with or supported by the government or national societies. We use private donations to fulfill our mission to improve the well-being of companion animals in our area.

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