John & Gracie – A Very Special Story

Many times our family walked into the Calaveras Pet Adoption area of the thrift store to look at the kittens and cats that were up for adoption. Orange, gray, black, tabby, short and long hair—how we wished we could take them all!

One February day, our 11-year-old son, John, spied a sweet gray and black tabby with a crooked, squashed ear sitting in a cage. Although there were adorable kittens, some napping and some playfully batting each other, it was this sweet, quiet tabby that caught his eye and his heart. There was something about her look, John thought, a little sad or wistful. His affection for Gracie was immediate and he pleaded with us to adopt her. Unfortunately, we were planning two trips in the near future and so it wasn’t a good time for our family to adopt. Also, our hearts were still mourning the loss of our orange cat, Tigger 2, who we had loved for 10 years.

Months later, in July, we stopped at the thrift store. I had told John that Gracie may have been adopted. And yet, there she sat with her quirky face and quiet expression. Overjoyed, we called her foster parent and learned that Gracie had been in foster care with the Calaveras Humane Society for a year and had been adopted before, but had been returned to her foster parent. Other parts of her story were revealed. A terrible case of ear mites forced her to undergo surgery, leaving her an ear that made her sweet little head look like she sported a “French beret.” Sadly, at some point in her life, Gracie suffered a broken tail, as well. This history only endeared Gracie to us all the more and we arranged to adopt her. She came home with us to Arnold and then down to the Bay Area.

Because of Gracie’s past, she has “trust issues.” However, thanks to her foster parent’s love, gentleness, and kindness, Gracie has been able to accept us and become a valued member of our family. Easily rattled, it took her several weeks to warm up to John’s younger brother, Mark, an energetic and spirited youngster. She is especially affectionate with John and he is the one member she never fails to go to, nervous or not.

Slowly and steadily, she has acclimated to the rest of us. Now she is a familiar and loved member. She loves to be brushed and talked to, especially while being petted. Quite the talker, Gracie vocalizes often and we hold many conversations throughout the day.

On behalf Gracie and our family, we would like to thank the Calaveras Humane Society, especially her foster mom, who cared for Gracie so lovingly. Without CHS and the special individuals who work with these animals, we would not have our beloved cat. Finally, Gracie is where she belongs—home.

August 20, 2013

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