Our Adopted Dogs – Beloved Walker and Gracie

After the loss of my beloved adopted dog Sally, I decided to visit Calaveras County Animal Services one icy Saturday morning on December 5th, 2011. It was my 58th birthday. I met several dogs that morning with the help of your amazing volunteer staff. One dog stood out to me, or, I should say “on top of me.” His name was “Apple.”

Fast forward two years . . . .
“Apple” is now named “Walker.” Walker had been returned to the shelter twice by former adopters, both citing him as uncontrollable. Walker is an amazing 98 lbs. of pure love and devotion! He is famous in the village of Murphys for barking hello as he cruises the town in his truck. The tourists just smile and some even bark back at Walker! Walker is the love of our lives. I cannot imagine life without this big beast, his sweet temperament, and his willingness to be the best dog he can be! Walker made my life better with his great big heart.

On December 5th of 2012 I returned to the shelter, now on my 60th birthday! I had decided that I had the love and room for “just one more” dog!” I met Gracie that cold morning, an extremely shy, worried, and frightened soul. I decided all Gracie needed was a home full of love and Walker to teach her to trust us humans! Gracie has been with us for 6 weeks. She is still suffering from the abuse she experienced prior to her adoption. However, Gracie is making baby steps each day. With good old Walker at her side, she is slowly deciding that just maybe she has a forever home! And . . . That she does!!

– Marilou

January 17, 2013

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