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Local Listings

We post information on pets lost or found in Calaveras County and neighboring communities only.

Listings Expire

Lost & Found listings have a 3-month limit. After 3 months, if you still need the listing, you will need to resubmit the form.

When The Situation Is Resolved

When a Lost or Found situation is resolved, or if you turn an animal you’ve found over to the county shelter, please notify us by email at Thank you!

Lost Or Found Tips

Before filling out this form, please search for the pet on our Lost & Found page.

Immediately report pets lost or found in Calaveras County to Animal Services at 209-754-6509. Report microchipped lost pets to the chip registration agency.

Found Pet Tips

Keep The Animal Contained

If you keep a found animal at your home while waiting for it to be claimed, keep it contained in a safe place and do not let it roam. If you cannot keep the animal contained, please take it to the shelter immediately or to someone trusted who can safely contain the animal until you can get it to the shelter.

Keep A Secret

Leave one identifying trait out of your description and require anyone who calls to identify that trait. This is for the animal’s safety, to assure it is returned to its true family. Or, you may ask for other forms of proof, but please do not turn an animal over based solely on a claim.

Check For Microchip

If you find a pet, please take it to a vet’s office or Calaveras County Animal Shelter and have it scanned for a microchip–there is no charge for this.

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