Paisley – A unique little soul!

“I wanted to update you on Paisley and how she is doing with a houseful of animals she is not familiar with (our daughter is on a cruise and we are babysitting).

When we first brought all the other cats in, she laid her ears back and screamed at them. Of course, they were familiar with the house and took off to their familiar places. One of the cats is a male and is grumpy and old (15). However, as the time has gone on, she has made friends with the 15-year-old female somewhat (they do not growl or snarl at one another). Paisley is letting all the cats know this is her home.

The best part, is that she is very comfortable with the two dogs. One is 10 years old and large, and the other is large but about 3 years old and very sweet and lovable. Paisley has not rubbed on them yet but she passes from room-to-room without a thought.

I want to let you know that we love this little kitty very much. She has figured out when Lucy goes out and gets a treat at night (Lucy has a sensitive stomach and needs a little something so she does not throw up), Paisley is right there for a treat too. She crawls up on Gordon’s lap which is awesome and I know he loves it. This little one is so different from our other cat and we are so blessed to have her.

Thank you for your work with the shelter cats.”

Paisley is settling in

Paisley is doing great. She and the dog are still friends. If we are petting the dog, she will go underneath the dog and rub on her to get attention too. If the dog bugs her too much she will let the dog know that she wants to be left alone.

Her stomach is healing well. She is eating well. I think she is starting to fill out. At night she has been known to come and sleep between the pillows or down on the bottom of the bed across from the dog. That is why we have a King Sized bed.

The best part is she likes to play with the toys we have and loves the cat posts. One is like a little tower and the other cats were not interested too much in it but she just loves it. I am really glad. Also, she is curious. If you have a door closed, she wants to know what is in the room. She does make us laugh. We are so lucky to have her. She will crawl up on Gordon’s lap and lay down and sleep.

November 24, 2015

Happy Ending for Paisley the cat Happy Ending - Paisley the cat sleeping

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