Portia - Ready for adoption

Portia just loves to be loved! This tortoiseshell and white SPAYED junior is truly beautiful, with bright green eyes and dainty white paws. She loves to be cuddled in your arms and revs up her purr motor as soon as you pick her up. She has great potential as a lap cat. Portia is on the quiet side and gets along with other cats to a degree. She lives in a communal room, but prefers to watch from the sidelines and not interact with the other kitties. She is very gentle and not at all aggressive––she is just “self-contained.” She will do well in a household with other cats as long as she has her own space or in a household where she is the only cat. Portia is spayed and microchipped, so you can have her cuddling in your arms or sitting on your lap in no time at all.

Please use PORTIA’s intake number (AO46959) when making inquiries at the shelter.

All cats available for adoption at the Calaveras Animal Shelter are up-to-date on their routine vaccines and tested negative for FIV/FELV. All cats adopted at the shelter will be microchipped. All unaltered cats must be spayed or neutered before they can go home with you.

Cat Facts

Female Domestic cat
Coat and color
Short Hair Tortoiseshell w/ White

To ask about Portia

Portia is currently sheltered by Calaveras County Animal Shelter. Listed here courtesy of CHS.

Please contact
Cynthia at clpino@caltel.com or contact Calaveras County Animal Services at 209-754-6509.



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