Possum Blossom - Ready for adoption

Possum Blossom was born the in her foster mom’s barn to a foster cat. At about three weeks old her health started failing and a couple of weeks were spent trying to save her. Well, she is more than the picture of health now, a beautiful solid “buff” color, and as loving as she can be. Incredibly, she has managed to stay unadopted all this time. Her foster mom says this big baby needs to sleep with her family and any children might need to be older. It is not that she doesn’t love and adore people, but she can get excited when she’s getting attention and nip playfully. Mostly, though she will just lick you.

Possum is used to dogs and other cats. She spends all her time with another foster kitten, they are now BFFs and should not be separated. Please see “Gabby.”

Cat Facts

Possum Blossom
Female domestic cat
young adult
Coat and color
short hair buff

To ask about Possum Blossom

Possum Blossom is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Becky at calgal@caltel.com; 209-786-7340 (home); (925) 550-2915 (cell).

Siblings or Fostermates:

Possum Blossom


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