Milly, The Serendipity Kitty!

When I was five years old my family adopted a black and white “tuxedo” kitten. Because of my father’s love of history somehow we came up with the name of Horatio. The kitten lived up to that name. He grew up to be a very dignified cat who lived to be 20 years old.

About a year ago, I’d been thinking about Horatio. My husband and I had adopted several cats over the years but none of them were black and white. One day while doing errands with my husband I saw a black and white cat as we drove down the road. I commented that next time we adopted a cat, I would like it to be black and white. Later that day my husband was running errands on his own. One of the stores he went into had a black and white cat up for adoption. My husband doesn’t normally believe in omens and such but he couldn’t help but notice the timing of my comment and seeing a black and white cat to adopt. He thought about adopting the cat but decided not to.

He came home and told me of the coincidence. My husband is the voice of reason when it comes to adopting cats. We had cats and we weren’t looking for another so the fact that my husband had even considered adopting this cat made me take notice. By the next day I was hooked on the idea of adopting a black and white cat. I called the store where he had seen the cat a couple of days later but it had already been adopted. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t get a black and white cat out of my head. The next day or so I had a little free time in my schedule and decided to stop at the Humane Society’s thrift store in Arnold. It was adoption day and I decided to look to see if they had a black and white cat. As always, they had many cute and wonderful cats but as I looked around, none were black and white. Until, that is, I noticed in the bottom cage was a tuxedo cat curled up sleeping.

Although I felt a bit guilty about disturbing her slumber, I asked to see her. She was so calm and soft. Her name was Puzzle—for the jigsaw puzzle-shaped black spot on her nose. She seemed to like being held and petted. As an attempt to be rational, I didn’t adopt her that moment but went and picked up the kids from school and brought them back to see her. Well, of course, we adopted her.

Word seemed to spread quickly to the store staff and volunteers that Puzzle was finally getting adopted. Puzzle had waited a long time to be adopted. She had been with the Humane Society for six months. Although she is a sweet cat, she didn’t demonstrate the sort of cute showmanship that gets kitties adopted. It was heartwarming to see the caring and enthusiasm from the volunteers and staff as they were happy to see Puzzle get a home.

Well, it’s been about a year now. After a lot of debate, we have renamed her Millie. As is normal with introducing new cats, things were turbulent at first. There were some scratched noses and some “time-outs”. It took a while for her personality to really blossom at our house. She’s found her place now amongst our other cats. She still squabbles with our other girl cat who seems to have forgotten that she was the newly adopted cat once. I believe, however, that their relationship is evolving. I think they’re “frenemies” now. It’s a good thing that we adopted Millie too because I had no idea that our house was so infested with invisible goblins. Millie is our chief goblin chaser now and keeps them in check.

Was it coincidence? Serendipity? I don’t know but I’m glad we didn’t overlook this sweet cat.

– Gail

December 10, 2012

Happy Ending - Puzzle/Millie Happy Ending - Puzzle/Millie

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