Sophie’s Heartwarming Story of Transformation!

We adopted our wonderful, beautiful dog Sophie (formerly known as Phoebe) on June 30th, earlier this year (2012). We’ve been trying to make time on a Saturday to bring her for a visit to show her amazing progress, but can’t seem to make the time between school and work. When we got Sophie she was shy, VERY scared around new, taller/larger people, and as you know, very thin as well. When we brought her home she was nervous at first and we had a hard time getting her to eat for a few days, but I found that if I fed her by hand she got more comfortable with me, and eating food that I had given her. I’m very proud to announce that she now loves to meet people, big and small; she loves her home, and I even made her a bed by hand (shown in the BEFORE picture). She sleeps in that bed when she doesn’t sleep in ours. She’s our wonderful little bed hog. It’s amazing how a dog so small can take up half a queen-size bed! Haha!

Sophie loves to eat! She’s gained a good 3 1/2 pounds in the last 3 1/2 months. You can no longer see bones sticking through, but with all her running around you can see strong muscle in her legs. She seems very happy here. She bounces around and runs in circles, and dances when we come home from school or the store. She loves being called beautiful or wonderful and told she’s loved. Right now she’s sitting on Keith’s lap, loving being petted. She has come very far. She is still camera shy, but it’s amazing to see her before and after pictures. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives and thank you for your time!

Sincerely – Arianna & Susan Zylstra

October 18, 2012

Happy Ending - after picture of Sophie the dog Happy Ending - before picture of Sophie the dog

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