Sunny, The Sunshine Cat

I don’t know where Sunny came from to wind up at my home in September 2013. He would come and go before daylight until one morning he stayed and ate with our other cats. Sunny’s appearance was of a very clean cat, purest white hair with the lightest of orange color, referred to as buff. He was so skinny his head looked twice its size. I noticed his eyes were really watery so I attempted to pick him up. I was really nervous, but he was such a loving boy that he let me hold him and medicate his eyes with some ointment. I did this off and on for a week and realized it wasn’t helping. I foster cats for the Calaveras Humane Society, so I called the cat team leader and asked about putting him through the foster program. With the go-ahead, I took him to the vet and got him checked over.

I went home with eye drops for him and put him in a large cage so I could take care of him. After a week of that and him acting as if these drops were so painful, I took him back to the vet. Upon closer look it was determined that Sunny had an ulcer behind his right eye. I left with eye meds for the ulcer. Another week went by with no improvement, so I returned to the vet. This time the procedure was to take his own blood and spin it to make a serum that I would drop in his eyes. I did this for a month and his eyes seemed to clear up, but I noticed the left eye still had a problem. I went back to the vet to find out he had developed an ulcer in it. The vet did the same serum procedure and I went through another month of putting it in his eyes. During these two months of making this serum, I think we had to do this three times. He was finally clear of the ulcers but he still had a problem. His eyes were so much better but he was still squinting. I could barely see his eyes. That’s when the vet said his third eyelids were rolled and he would need Entropian eye surgery to correct this.

I did price comparisons on the cost of the surgery. Cindi, the cat team leader, put out the call for help and collected close to $500.00 from private donors. It took another month to schedule the surgery. He finally had the surgery on December 23, 2013. Sunny wore a collar for the next month. It was taped on because he ripped it off three times before I picked him up after surgery. We set a smaller cage up in our bedroom for Sunny to sleep in at night and he had the run of the house during the day time. He loved it. It was like having a baby in the house. I had to make him cat soup (water added to canned cat food) to make sure he was getting enough water. I held the bowl of food three times a day inside his collar so he could eat without tipping it over…boy did it stink!!! Then after every feeding I had to wash his face and the collar and wipe his paws. He loved it. He was so cute with the stitches under his little eyes. The day came to remove the stitches and he got a clean bill of health. Sunny had gained so much weight that he looked like a little stout bull dog and he acted like a new kitten. He loves life and he made our lives richer and added another chunk of love to our hearts…I’ve called him our hunk of burnin’ love. Sunny was immediately adopted and is now living the good life with two step-brothers!!

It was determined that Sunny was about three years old and was most likely born with the rolled eyelids. He was on the Lost & Found page of the CHS website, but there was no response from anyone. He was adopted soon after he was put up for adoption. I guess he’s just another little angel sent to add joy to all lives he touches.

Thank you to all the people who contributed to Sunny’s surgery. I want them to know what they paid for was a million dollar bargain. I’m so thankful and Sunny says to thank you to them too. The tiniest act of kindness is like a glittering diamond in a heart that shines from the inside out. I truly love the good all these people do, and the Humane Society.

– Carolyn (CHS Foster Mom)

April 22, 2014

Happy Ending for Sunny the cat Cat found near Jenny Lind - sunny the sunshine cat

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