Send YOUR Valentine a Sweet Surprise!

Chocolates and flowers?  SO played out.  Send a valentine that really counts!

Make a contribution to your Calaveras Humane Society, and we’ll send an adorable e-greeting to whomever you specify saying that you made a super-sweet Valentine’s Day donation in their honor.  The minimum donation for each valentine is just $5.

Send your valentines now!

Send Your Valentine Here in Two Easy Steps

Step 1: Send us an email via this form with your contact info and the names and email addresses of your valentine recipients.

Your Name:

Your Email Address:

First Friend's Name:

First Friend's Email:

Second Friend's Name:

Second Friend's Email:

Third Friend's Name:

Third Friend's Email:

Enter Donation Total :

Step 2: Use PayPal To Send Us Your Valentine’s Day Donation

Put the amount of your donation in the box below using this format: XXX.XX

Minimum donation $5.00 per valentine, please.

Click the “Donate” button to submit. You will be redirected to our PayPal Donation page where you will be able to fulfill your donation via debit or credit

Once your donation is made, you’re done!  Your valentine(s) will receive their email within 24 hours (if your donation is made on Valentine’s Day by 3:00 p.m., notifications will be sent that day).  It will include the bottom image on the right, and will say that a donation was made by YOU in their honor.  We’ll copy you on the emails so you can see that they were sent.

Congratulations on choosing a fabulous new way to say “I love you!”

February 6, 2017

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