The Fab Four (Jonni, Paulette, Georgette & Ringo) - Ready for adoption

OK––sometimes even we have trouble telling them apart, except for Ringo. This quartet of kitties will steal your heart! JONNI has a golden-red nose and is calm and quiet––a real cuddler. PAULETTE––curious, super-playful and extraverted––also has a golden-red nose, but darker rings around her neck. GEORGETTE has a gray nose––is also calm and quiet, but warms up quickly and will show you her playful side. RINGO, a solid-black male junior with a super-silky coat, just melts into your arms and starts purring to beat the band as soon as you hold him in your arms. Any of them––or all of them––will liven up your life. Can’t decide which one to adopt? Why not adopt a pair or even a trio! They will grow up being best friends with you and with each other.

Please the following intake numbers when making inquiries at the shelter:
JONNNI (AO47027) ~ PAULETTE (AO47026) ~ GEORGETTE (AO47028) ~ RINGO (AO47025)

All cats available for adoption at the Calaveras Animal Shelter are up-to-date on their routine vaccines and tested negative for FIV/FELV. All cats adopted at the shelter will be microchipped. All unaltered cats must be spayed or neutered before they can go home with you.

Cat Facts

The Fab Four (Jonni, Paulette, Georgette & Ringo)
3 Females, 1 Male Domestic cat
Coat and color
Short Hair Brown Tabby, Black (Ringo)

To ask about The Fab Four (Jonni, Paulette, Georgette & Ringo)

The Fab Four (Jonni, Paulette, Georgette & Ringo) is currently sheltered by Calaveras County Animal Shelter. Listed here courtesy of CHS.

Please contact
Cynthia at or contact Calaveras County Animal Services at 209-754-6509.

The Fab Four (Jonni, Paulette, Georgette & Ringo)


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