Tigger - Ready for adoption

TIGGER is a super sweet short-haired brown tabby and white SPAYED adult.  She is at the shelter because her elderly caregiver could no longer take care of her.

Tigger is an extraordinarily friendly kitty and brimming with love.  As soon as she sees someone approach her, she revs up her purr motor to “10.”   The two vets who have examined her both said that her purr motor was so loud that it was difficult to hear her heartbeat!  Both vets said she is around 10-years-young and in good health.

Tigger arrived at the shelter with a minor dental problem––her teeth just needed to be cleaned.  Her teeth have been taken care of and are now sparkling white.

Tigger really, really needs a home.  She would be an ideal companion for an older person or for someone with a calm household.  All she really wants and needs is a loving caretaker to cuddle her from time to time, a comfy cushion to sleep on and a window to catch some rays of sunshine.  She adores being petted and having someone stroke her along her spine.  Whatever love and affection you give Tigger, she will repay you ten-fold.  Since Tigger is already SPAYED, the waiting time for her to go home with you is minimal.

Cat Facts

Female Domestic cat
Coat and color
short hair brown tabby

To ask about Tigger

Tigger is currently sheltered by Calaveras County Animal Shelter. Listed here courtesy of CHS.

Please contact
Cynthia at clpino@caltel.com or contact Calaveras County Animal Services at 754-6509. Please use Tigger's intake number (AO445100) when making inquiries at the shelter.



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