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Get To Know Winnie and Gus

Puppy alert! Two roly-poly cuties available Wednesday by appointment only – see below for details on adopting.

What breeds are in the genes of eight-week-old puppies Gus and Winnie? Your guess is as good as ours. They have:

• Ridiculous stumpy little legs. Corgi? Dachshund? Basset? No idea.
• Beautiful brindle coloring.
• Ears that haven’t yet decided what they’re doing, but will probably be upright. Or maybe not.
• Round, chubby bodies that have earned them the nickname “The Taters.”

How big will they get? We haven’t a clue. They won’t be teeny-tiny, but they don’t have gigantic feet either. They’re such a lovely mish-mash of different characteristics that we simply can’t make a good guess as to their future size. The best answer we can offer right now is that they’ll likely be somewhere between 20-45 pounds. But we can’t guarantee it. Think of it as a “puppy surprise”!

Gus and Winnie have been in foster care the last few weeks, and they’re incredibly sweet and loving. They’ve been around other dogs, cats, and kids.

We’re placing these pups by appointment to avoid having a crowd at our adoption center. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in adopting one (we don’t place littermate puppies together, sorry), leave us a voicemail at (209) 736-9417. You will need to be available to come meet them Wednesday between 11:00 and 4:00. We’ll return calls today and tomorrow and will get those meet-and-greet appointments set for Wednesday.

They’re not fixed yet, so it will be another week before they’re ready to go to their new homes. If you’re from out of the area, you will need to come back a second time to pick up your new pup.

Pet Facts

Winnie and Gus

Female mixed breed dog



Birth Date

 May 2020

Coat and Color

Short hair brindle


Winnie and Gus is currently at her new home.