When They Get Home 2020

Thank You, Animal Adopters

What a difference a loving family and a new home can make to a pet’s life. These are photos sent to us from pets’ new owners after their adoption. Thank you, adopters, for making room in your homes and your hearts for them.

September 15, 2020


And another of the Aussie mix pups is checkin’ in!

“I adopted Casey (now Eddie, short for Edwina) about a week ago. I wanted to send this picture of Eddie enjoying a little playtime in the sun today.

“She’s been getting all the compliments from people when we’re out and about in Sacramento (which is limited while she’s still not fully vaccinated).

“She’s got a lot of energy and spunk, haha!” ❤️🐾

September 10, 2020

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“My husband and I adopted the puppy previously known as ‘Gus’ at the beginning of July. His new name is Maui. We just wanted to give you a quick update.

“Maui is approximately 17 weeks old and seems to enjoy being part of our family. He loves to play, dig, go on walks, and is a very sociable dog. We were also surprised to find that he likes to swim! He loves the blanket and pillow that you gave to us!

“Our vet also performed genetic testing to find out his breed. Maui is 50% Scottish Terrier, 12.5% Rhodesian Ridgeback, 12.5% Australian Cattle Dog, and 25% Breed Groups (Herding, Sporting, and Terrier). As he grows, we’ve really noticed the characteristic wild eyebrows and beard from his Scottish Terrier side.” ❤️🐾

September 8, 2020


The first of the Aussie-somethin’-somethin’ puppies we placed recently is checking in!

“Just wanted to update you that everything is going well with Obi, our new puppy. We are sure enjoying our new family member. Thank you!” ❤️🐾

September 6, 2020


Great Pyrenees mix Khaleesi officially adopted!

Khaleesi was with us before our COVID closure, went into foster care, and was ultimately returned after being adopted.

She has some very specific needs, and we sent her to foster with someone who’s worked with her for the last month and has formed an incredible bond with her. Khaleesi is home at last! ❤️🐾

August 26, 2020


“We love her! She’s already fitting in so well in our home❤️ We’ve named her Fancy 🙂 “

August 23, 2020

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Happy birthday to Cash, adopted from us as a pup last year and living the good life with a family who adores him. “He’s such a good boy! We love him so much.” ❤️🐾

August 21, 2020


Sophia came into our care in spring of 2019 as a neonatal kitten with a little “hitch in her giddyup.” She has deformed rear legs that cause no pain but force her to walk in an unusual manner. She was adopted one year ago by a local couple who saw past Sophia’s challenges and recognized her as a complete gem.

“I wanted to let you know, we have had Sophia a year. Our baby is the love of our lives. This is the first cat we have ever had that actually is attached to her mama — not her dad! All of our other cats that we have had throughout our lives have loved my husband — she is the first to love me best!

“Sophia is quirky, sweet, crazy, and loves, loves, loves her three cat brothers. I can’t say enough about her and how lucky we are to have her. We just wanted to let you know she is doing fantastic and we are beyond grateful to have her in our lives.” ❤️🐾

August 18, 2020

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“I adopted Lulu from you back in October, and I thought maybe you guys would like an update.

“We are so in love with Lulu! She is the happiest, sweetest dog all the time. She is the little princess of this five-child, three-dog, and one-cat household. She prefers playing tag over playing with toys, and loves to run full speed around our 2.5 acre yard. She is definitely a brave little thing, who thinks she’s a guard dog and often has to be held back from chasing deer.

“I wasn’t sure if I wanted a small dog again after putting my fur baby down a couple years ago. I really felt like the void she left was too large to fill. Then one day I opened up Facebook and saw Lulu’s little face. The rest is history. She has been the perfect little addition to our family, and we really can’t imagine life without her. She’s just our sweet little ray of sunshine, and she was definitely meant for us.” ❤️🐾

August 13, 2020


Recent adoptee Fred has wasted no time making himself part of the family. ❤️🐾

July 24, 2020


We have Haley’s brother who was named Bandit. His name is Waco now. We had his DNA tested with the same results!

July 24, 2020


Haley is healthy, happy, and loving life in her new home.

“Haley loves to swim in lakes and our pool,” her mom writes. “She’s been in Lake Alpine and Spicer where we camped In our 5th wheel for a week. She went in our pool the day we brought her home. We had her DNA tested and she is 50% terrier and 50% Aussie.” ❤️🐾

July 8, 2020

Maui (was Gus)

“He’s doing great! Loves the water too!”

July 9, 2020


Recently adopted kitten Leia (from our Star Wars litter) clearly adores the baby in her new home. ❤️🐾

July 3, 2020

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Abby and Stella

Kittens Abby and Stella were our very first Free Pets for Veterans adoptions shortly after our shelter opened in June 2019. Just over a year later, they continue to delight their family.

“They are doing beautifully, full of energy and playfulness,” they write. “They bring joy to us each day. Thank you.” ❤️🐾

July 1, 2020

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Bodie and Kicks

“A few pix of Bodie and Kicks for the new kittens scrapbook.” ❤️🐾

June 25, 2020


“We adopted Jackson from you last November. We were told he might not be the best with cats, and we wanted to share this picture with you. These two are best friends and even go camping with us. They are living the life!” ❤️🐾

June 17, 2020


“Just want to let you know that Bugsy is doing wonderfully. We are celebrating his first birthday today. Thank you again!” ❤️🐾

June 15, 2020


Pictured here with her new cat sibling Willow, Aspen has settled beautifully into her new life with a wonderful family — people who listened to everything we said about Aspen’s energy and bull-in-a-china-shop behavior and said, “She’s the one.” ❤️🐾

June 12, 2020

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“Just wanted to share some pictures of our sweet girl. [From May, April, and March] She was part of the seven puppies (lab/border collie mix) litter. She entered our home on March 13th and our lives haven’t been the same. She is such a bundle of joy! Thanks for helping the animals of Calaveras!

All our best,
Moxie’s family

June 12, 2020


“I have [Moxie’s] sister. Her name is Calie and our month old baby loves her💕”

June 12, 2020


“I have [Moxie’s] brother. He’s such a bundle of energy, fun and love💕”

June 1, 2020


“I got Jack from the Calaveras Humane Society in July 2011, my birthday present. Aside from all his bad kitty habits, I love this little boy so much. He’s the best snuggler!” ❤️🐾

May 31, 2020


Last week, we told you the story of eight-month-old Dalmatian mix Piper, and how she needed a woman-only home because of her debilitating fear of men. Piper was adopted yesterday, and yes, there’s a male in the household. Our adoption counselor described him as “a total dog whisperer.” Piper’s new dad is patient, gentle, and kind — and just look at Piper’s reaction to him in our play yard! ❤️🐾

May 23, 2020

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May 23: Thor is 7 1/2 months old now and still growing. He thinks he is a lap dog! When he’s not playing with toys or running around in the backyard he wants to be right next to his human family. He takes two walks every day, along with the neighbors’ two dogs, which he gets very excited about. At least a couple of times a week his walk is up to three miles! We love him so much.

“Thank you for all you do for placing animals. You are awesome!” ❤️🐾

April 28: “Thor is doing awesome! He’s doubled his weight and is growing taller and having lots of fun. He takes pride in getting two toys in his big mouth at once.”

May 17, 2020


“Skippy is now seven months old and doing well. We just love the little guy! Thank you so much for the joy this little fella has brought us.” ❤️🐾

May 13, 2020


“Leo is doing amazingly well! Really enjoying all of the attention right now.😉 And has made himself king of the house.”

May 13, 2020


“I adopted Jasper from the Calaveras Humane Society in January. He is an awesome dog, and we have a bond that cannot be broken. He’s living his best happy life! He loves his toys and playing ball. He’s best friends with my cats. He’s learned to run beside me when I’m on a horse. My Jasper is the best dog in the whole wide world.” ❤️🐾

April 30, 2020


Beauty was a caring, diligent mama cat who raised her kittens in one of our volunteer foster homes last year. She scored an absolutely wonderful home of her own, where she is cherished and loved, after her babies were all adopted.

Beauty’s adopter tells us another thing that makes her extra-special: “Her white marking looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost!” ❤️🐾

April 23, 2020

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“Nicholas is six months old now and getting so big. He loves his toys and playing tug o’ war.”

April 23, 2020


“We have Jax, and we love him so much. He weights eight pounds now. He’s so sweet and loves our kids, dogs, cats, chickens, cows and horses. He’s a great addition to our ranch!”

April 23, 2020


“Here’s Griffin, one of [Tucker’s three] brothers!”

April 23, 2020


“We love him so much, and he adores his big brother, Davy Crockett!”

April 19, 2020


“Tucker has brought so much love and affection into our lives! He introduced himself very quickly to his feline brothers, Stewie and Brian. It took a couple days for the kitties to accept him, and as you can see, they all wait together now for meals to be served. Tucker is the perfect little companion we’d hoped for!” ❤️🐾

April 18, 2020


“Seven years ago, on 4/12/13, we adopted this beautiful girl at your thrift store. My husband and I stopped by ‘just to look at cats,’ which we always do when going to the market. Gemma reached her paw through her cage and grabbed me and we fell in love. She has brought us nothing but joy and good spirits. We are forever grateful for our sweet Gemma!” ❤️🐾

April 14, 2020


Toby (then known as Falcor) was a transfer to us from our friends at Lodi Animal Services, and was adopted last year.

“Toby is such a sweet and loving dog. He loves to cuddle and place his head under your chin.” ❤️🐾

April 13, 2020

Scarlett, Gigi, and Chen Chen

We were so excited when the girls were adopted from us together as kittens — their new parents, who’d been seeking a pair, couldn’t bear to leave just one behind.

“They are so good and sweet!” their mom writes. “I couldn’t ask for better quarantine company. They are growing fast and I love seeing their personalities bloom.” ❤️🐾

April 11, 2020


When Delphie, then about four months old, arrived in our care last year, we knew right away that something was different about her. She was fearful and undersocialized, yes — but there was more. A couple quick tests confirmed what we’d feared: the speckled cattle dog mix pup was deaf.

Our volunteers and staff worked with Delphie on her shyness, and she made good progress. She won our hearts in no time at all. But who would we find to adopt this special needs girl? Delphie garnered interest in our adoption center, because she was utterly adorable, but more than one potential adopter shied away upon learning she was deaf.

We got our hopes up when a friendly, sweet woman came in and was enchanted by Delphie. They spent more than an hour together in our play yard, and it looked like a done deal. We were disappointed when the woman left at the end of the visit, saying she needed to think it over. (“Thinking it over” can be some folks’ polite way of saying the answer is no.)

Imagine our delight when the same woman showed up just a couple days later, this time armed with books on training deaf dogs. Yes, she’d decided, this nervous, fearful, deaf puppy was The One. She visited faithfully every day until Delphie was spayed and could go home at last. On pickup day, Delphie already knew her new mom and wiggled with joy to see her.

We recently received this pic of Delphie smiling from ear to ear. She responds to sign language and is living her best life. We couldn’t be prouder. ❤️🐾

April 8, 2020


Recent adoptee Bobbi is picture-perfect while enjoying the outdoors. ❤️🐾

April 4, 2020


“I lost my boy Bennie last year. Right before my birthday, he slowly let me know it was almost time and that his heart was worn out. I promised Bennie that I would be ok, that I’d get another pup, so he could let go. Well, he did in June and I spent the next few months crying and missing him.

“Then the humane society posted a family of four scruffy pups. My best friend called and said, ‘Let’s just go look.’ They brought Sully in with his brother to meet me, and he immediately climbed in my lap and gave me a hug. He had no desire to race around the room like his brother, nor did he want to see my friend. It was meant to be.

“Well, come to find out this boy Sully was born on my birthday. I’d say Bennie knew his replacement was here and that I’d be ok if he left. Sully has been the best thing to happen to me since Bennie. I thought I’d be lucky to have that soul dog once, but I’ve now been blessed twice!” ❤️🐾

April 2, 2020


Badger is one of the six underage puppies that we took in unexpectedly and placed into foster care just after the SIP (shelter in place) directive was announced.

“We had recently lost our 14-year-old dog, Austin,” his foster mom says. “My husband was so distraught that he said he never wanted a dog again. Then one morning I looked on the Calaveras Humane Society website and there they were! Six beautiful puppies that needed foster homes. With a little convincing and some tears my husband agreed to us fostering a puppy. He is now absolutely in love with this little guy and he will have a forever home with us.

“We honored Austin by naming our puppy Waco.” ❤️🐾

April 1, 2020

Little Cody

Little Admiral (now named Cody) was our final adoption before our covid-19 closure.

His new big brother, three-legged shepherd Cosmo, had been deeply mourning the loss of the family’s other dog and hadn’t wagged his tail or touched a toy in weeks. The moment Cosmo met Cody, that tail started going and hasn’t stopped since. The two are now inseparable. ❤️🐾

March 31, 2020


“I just want to let everyone at CHS know that Kona is doing well. She is our diva, but instead of nips, we get licks. She has mellowed out, and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her.”

We were hoping dear Kona would live “slappily” ever after, but she did us one better by turning into a princess. ❤️🐾

March 25, 2020


“Cash has been an absolute joy! He has come a long way and definitely keeps us on our toes, in the best possible way. He has such a fun personality and is the best snuggler. We couldn’t imagine our days without him!” ❤️🐾

March 23, 2020


“We’re in love with the perfect new humanimal addition to our mixed fam (4 kids, a daisy dog and a Stella kitty)! Thank you Calaveras Humane Society for providing us with Lola, the puppy formerly known as Alice !”

March 18, 2020

Mr. Dean

“We adopted Mr. Dean back in October and we absolutely love him. He’s such a sweet little cuddle bug. He loves to play and get into mischief. He also loves to play with his water container and watch the bubbles as it fills up.” ❤️🐾

March 15, 2020


“You guys do the best work, we just love our boy.” ❤️🐾

March 11, 2020


Adopted in January of 2020. “Bobbi is a pure joy. Even if I don’t let her drive, she’s the best ‘shotgun’ partner I could ask for.” ❤️🐾

March 10, 2020


“We adopted Izzy on the 5th of February. Doing very well. (Izzy likes Westerns like us.) Added bonus: she was housebroken, and puts her cold nose on my elbow when nature calls.” ❤️🐾

March 10, 2020


Max and his owner Jack are getting along fabulously! (Pip has been renamed Max.) Thank you so much!” ❤️🐾

March 8, 2020


“Here is Griffin at his forever home! Thank you Calaveras Humane Society we are so happy.”

March 8, 2020


“Back in July 2019 I adopted Oliver — and my life hasn’t been the same since! He is the sweetest boy, and everyone who comes to visit falls in love with him. My dad takes him on “field trips” around our property where he gets to play in the dirt, fetch sticks, explore and whatnot. He loves it! Oli has really become a member of our family, and I’m so thankful to CHS for bringing him into my life.” ❤️🐾

March 3, 2020


Little Vali (formerly known as Muffin and renamed for her Valentine’s Day adoption) looks like she’s decided her new home is safe and wonderful!

March 1, 2020


“Just wanted to give you a quick update on Daisy (formerly Meg). I hope her old owners see this and feel at peace with the hard decision they had to make surrendering her. We absolutely love her! She starts doggie school Tuesday. She loves car rides, hugs, belly rubs, and you should see how excited she gets when the kids come home from school. She’s recovered beautifully from her surgery and bounces around the yard like a bunny.”

February 28, 2020

Scarlett, Gigi, and Chen Chen

The new mom of The Triplets, the three gorgeous five-month-old kitten siblings adopted recently, reports that the girls are settling in well. “They are such amazing and sweet kittens! You all did such an amazing job with these girls. My heart is so full! They have made themselves right at home and seem very comfortable so far.” ❤️🐾

February 27, 2020


Sweet, gentle Lilly was overwhelmed when she first arrived in our care. She was quite shy, but the perfect adopter fell in love with her and gave this cutie the happy ending she deserved. Her owner tells us, “Lilly is doing well since the adoption and is a wonderful dog.” ❤️🐾

February 26, 2020

Cheddar Cat

“Thank you for finding me a great home. Thought you would enjoy this picture of me and my kids! I visited my vet today for the second time and had my shots and am enjoying life! Thank you for the wonderful beginning!

“Love, Cheddar Cat (formerly Milo)” ❤️🐾

February 24, 2020

Jade and Lady

Jade, on the left “…keeps Lady active, and they are awesome watchdogs, and they both love to cuddle and snuggle. Jade is very alert and loves to give kisses.”

February 25, 2020


“Her name is Ruby and she is doing well along with our two cats.” ❤️🐾

February 24, 2020


Recently adopted dog Bobbi scored a feline brother in her new home! Her new owners says: “Our rescue cat Pete, who hates dogs, is quite smitten with Bobbi.” ❤️🐾

February 19, 2020


“Shadowfax (formerly Gatsby) is enjoying his new digs. Early morning cuddles rule, followed by hours of play. Keeps us busy!”

February 17, 2020


“Vali is an awesome dog. It’s like she’s been here the whole time. We sure love her!”

February 16, 2020


“Kasi is 19 pounds. Loves going for Jeep rides, the snow, and her big sister Rubi. She rough and tumbles with Tux the cat (20#) and they both love it! This was taken Sunday the 16th. She has been a great addition to our family.”

February 16, 2020


“We adopted Sissy from you almost two years ago. She is super smart. She growls at suspicious things outside, and loves grooming all her humans — but not the other cats. We love her. She has become boss kitty, after one of my old kitties died, even though I still have two cats older than her.”

February 12, 2020

Juno and Luna

“We adopted Juno (formerly Delilah) from you about two weeks ago! This is her now with her sister Luna.”

February 9, 2020


“This is Bailey, originally named Biscuit. He is very loved and spoiled in his new home. Thank you for helping bring this boy into our lives.”

February 5, 2020


“Izzy settling in nicely. She is such a love bug. Follows me around just like a 2 year old child.”

February 5, 2020


“Frankee adjusting to life as a ‘mountain’ dog with her new big sister Sassafrass.” ❤️🐾

February 5, 2020


“Jaden is doing extremely well integrating into our home. We adopted her on January 25th and she has bonded well with my wife and I. She is so sweet and affectionate! She clings to me all day long (I’m retired) and so excited when my wife gets home from her shop each evening. She loves going everywhere with me in my truck, sitting at my side. She is my buddy, and she is so loved!

We would love to hear from her previous family if they so choose! We have a few questions pertaining to her likes regarding her food, likes and dislikes, and habits! We are so in love with Jaden!”

February 4, 2020


Ellie, one of our recently adopted Dachshund mix puppies, enjoying a nap on her new dad. “Ellie (formerly known as Ella) is very happy in her new home,” her mom writes. ❤️🐾

January 31, 2020


This made our day! Recently adopted kitten Phoebe (formerly “Maxie”) seems to have decided her new home is pretty darn fab. Video credit: Phoebe’s new mom.

January 30, 2020


We love seeing our animals so happy! Recently adopted Jack Russell mix puppy Popcorn (now known as Colt) has settled right in to the good life in his new home. “Such a love bug,” his mom writes. “OMG, I’m eating from his paw.” ♥️🐾

January 30, 2020


“Just wanted to send an update on our Nicholas. We had a DNA test done on him to find out exactly what he is. I am attaching the results. He is getting big, loves our two grandchildren and our two cats. He loves to play and cuddle and is doing really well.” ♥️🐾

Janary 21, 2020


“Tucker, now known by the name of Yori, meaning ‘reliable’ in Japanese, has grown so big! He’s still shy but very loving and kind. Me, my partner, and family love Yori very much.” ❤️🐾

Thank you for helping us bring Yori home & for everything you do.”

January 20, 2020


“Yesterday it was 3 weeks ago that we brought Thor home. He has brought so much joy, happiness and chaos and we are loving every minute of this little guy. His name is now Thor and he learned it fast. He loves playing with toys, basking in the sun, and being held and loved. Thor is learning to go on walks by us walking him with the neighbor dogs. We have given him 3 private (in our home) puppy classes with a trainer who is training both him and us. He is sure a fast learner and uses the manners that he has learned. He is so precious and such a happy little fella.

Thank you for the work that you do to find homes for so many animals.” ❤️🐾

Janary 14, 2020


Kasi’s new mom writes: “Rubi, her big sister, loves her and is very gentle with her. Kasi has a big bed to fill. It belonged to Blaze, our 85-pound Great Dane mix that we recently lost. She was almost 15. We are thoroughly enjoying Kasi.” ♥️🐾

January 12, 2020


“The kitten formerly known as Audi has been renamed Missy the kitty,” her adopter writes, “and it’s safe to say she loves her baby.” ❤️🐾

Janary 11, 2020


Aster has been renamed Luna. “I can’t tell you how wonderful it has been having this little delight in our home,” her new mom writes. “Luna was so shy and timid when we first met her but with a little TLC she has blossomed into a spunky outgoing pup that wags her tail. Thank you Calaveras Humane Society. We love our pup!” ♥️🐾” ❤️🐾

January 8, 2020

Abby and Stella

Kittens Abby and Stella were our very first Free Pets for Veterans adoption when our shelter opened in June of last year. Their mom writes, “We adopted two orange tabby sisters, Abby and Stella. We just love them! They each have definite personalities. They sleep together, groom each other and play and play. So amusing.” ❤️🐾