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A Dedicated Team Of Volunteers Words Hard To Improve Life For Feral Cats

News Update: September 14, 2019

You Can Help, We Can Help

Our Feral Feline Program is available to cover the costs for Calaveras residents to have the feral/community cats on their property spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated — as long as you’ll welcome the cats back afterward.

They’re not cuddly, but they deserve our care and compassion too. ♥️🐾

It’s not enough to feed them. You have to fix them, too.

ear tipped feral cat

News Update: July 10, 2019

Fix Ferals

It’s not responsible to allow the feral cats you feed to reproduce. The Calaveras Humane Society’s Feral Feline Program can help with the cost of spaying, neutering, and rabies vaccinating feral cats on your property.

It’s not enough to feed them. You have to fix them, too.

too many cats

News Update: April 22, 2019

Friendly Ferals Need A Home

Friendly Sampson and his six semi-feral buddies at Avalon Health Care need new homes! They would make wonderful garden companions or barn cats.

If you would like to adopt any of them or you are interested in adopting other barn cats, please contact us at (209) 736-9417 or email chs@calaverashumane.org.

friendly ferals need a home

News Update: April 21, 2019

Feed Fix Love

Feeding stray and abandoned cats is a kindness. But they need more than just food. To keep them from reproducing, you need to have them spayed and neutered.

The Calaveras Humane Society’s Feral Feline Program loans traps and covers the cost of surgery and a rabies vaccine if you need assistance.

Contact us for help before those couple of cute cats turn into a mealtime conga line.

Available to Calaveras County residents only.

News Update: March 1, 2019

Thanks For The Tip!

When you see a cat with a tipped ear, like the one pictured here, it means that s/he has definitely been spayed or neutered. This cat could be part of a larger managed colony of feral/community cats, or is perhaps just one of a couple being cared for by your neighbor.

That ear tip says several things, including “Hi, I’m fine! Leave me be.” Unless the cat is underweight or injured, leave him to go about his business. He’s not contributing to the cat overpopulation crisis, and is likely helping control pests (mice, rats, voles and more) right where he is.

Another thing that ear tip says? “Someone cares.” If you need assistance having the community cats on your property spayed or neutered, and will welcome them back afterward, check out our Feral Feline Program.

ear tipped feral cat

News Update: December 12, 2016

Feral Cats Need Help

As you can imagine, these hungry kitties go through oodles and oodles of food. Our supplies are running low — will you help?

  • You can donate directly to our account at Spence Ranch Feed & Supply in Angels Camp
  • You can bring food — dry and/or canned (we love the very affordable Kit ‘n’ Kaboodle brand, but we’ll happily accept any food that is unopened) — to our office in Angel’s Camp
  • You can bring food to our Calaveras Humane Society Thrift Store in Arnold.

We (and the kitties!) are happy either way!

Thanks for remembering these “less glamorous” of the animals in need during the holidays!

September 14, 2019

feeding stray cats