Feral Feline Program

A Clipped Ear Tip Is A Sign

Thanks For The Tip!

When you see a cat with a tipped ear, like the one pictured here, it means that s/he has definitely been spayed or neutered. This cat could be part of a larger managed colony of feral/community cats, or is perhaps just one of a couple being cared for by your neighbor.

That ear tip says several things, including “Hi, I’m fine! Leave me be.” Unless the cat is underweight or injured, leave him to go about his business. He’s not contributing to the cat overpopulation crisis, and is likely helping control pests (mice, rats, voles and more) right where he is.

Another thing that ear tip says? “Someone cares.” If you need assistance having the community cats on your property spayed or neutered, and will welcome them back afterward, check out our Feral Feline Program.

March 1, 2019

Ear tipped feral cat