Jill (a.k.a. Lucy)

Eighteen-month-old blue heeler Jill was previously adopted from us but returned as she wasn’t a good match for her new owner’s lifestyle. Jill is an affectionate and absolutely fabulous dog who will require a very specific kind of home.

Jill vastly prefers women to men. It’s not that she’s a man-hater; it just takes her longer to warm up to them and she’ll bark when meeting new dudes. A kind, gentle man will be able to win her over with patience and time. But she’ll never be delighted to meet strange men.

Jill can become possessive of “her” person. Her previous owner was quite social, and Jill would bark and sometimes snap at strangers who came to her home, and while on walks. This is not a completely uncommon personality trait in her breed. If you’re a cattle dog lover, you’ll likely get it.

She enjoys other dogs and having playtime with them. She is NOT a fan of dah kittehs, however, and needs a cat-free home.

Jill will be a first-rate buddy for her new human. Her previous adopter was absolutely devastated to give her up, but she was a social person who had a lot of folks coming and going, and liked to take Jill on outings. Jill would really benefit from living with someone who’s more of a homebody. She’ll nap curled up in the crook of your knees, and will reward you with her absolute devotion.

And as you can see from the photo here, Jill likes balls. She REALLY likes them. Throw a tennis ball for her and you’ll have a beautiful blue heeler barnacle attached to you permanently.

Meet Jill at our Angels Camp adoption center!

Pet Facts

Spayed female
Cattle Dog/Heeler


Young adult
Date of Birth: 2019/2020


Short hair



Special Considerations?

Best with no cats


Her new home.