Mama Willow Ready For A Home

September 5, 2020

One of our very best foster homes consists of an entire family, all of whom (dad, mom, two kids) are actively involved in caring for the kittens and puppies they take in for us.

They recently fostered young adult cat Willow and her litter of babies. The kittens have all found loving homes, and now it’s Willow’s turn to shine.

The teen in the household wrote this lovely description to hopefully entice an adopter:

“This‎ is‎ Willow,‎ she‎ was‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ momma‎ cats‎ this‎ year.‎ She‎ comes‎ off‎ as‎ a‎ shy‎ girl‎ so‎ it‎ is‎ easy‎ for‎ her‎ to‎ be‎ overlooked‎ at‎ the‎ shelter.‎ Though,‎ once‎ you‎ get‎ to‎ know‎ her‎ and‎ earn‎ her‎ trust‎ she‎ will‎ be‎ your‎ friend‎ for‎ life.‎ I‎ fostered‎ her‎ and‎ her‎ kittens‎ and‎ she‎ was‎ an‎ absolute‎ joy‎ to‎ have,‎ she‎ is‎ quite‎ the‎ character‎ (I‎ mean‎ just‎ look‎ at‎ her‎ mustache!).‎

Even‎ though‎ she‎ was‎ a‎ momma,‎ she‎ is‎ just‎ a‎ kitten‎ herself,‎ not‎ even‎ a‎ year‎ old.‎ She‎ might‎ do‎ better‎ in‎ a‎ house‎ with‎ no‎ dogs‎ because‎ she‎ can‎ be‎ somewhat‎ unpredictable‎ when‎ confronting‎ them.‎ Hopefully‎ you‎ won’t‎ let‎ that‎ stop‎ you‎ from‎ letting‎ this‎ amazing‎ girl‎ into‎ your‎ heart‎ and‎ home.‎ If‎ you‎ want‎ to‎ meet‎ her‎ come‎ check‎ her‎ out‎ (she‎ can‎ usually‎ be‎ found‎ staring‎ at‎ visitors‎ from‎ her‎ perch).” ❤️🐾

Willow cat at foster home