Maine Coon mix Mattie is about two years old. She was sadly given her name when she arrived in our care with her fur matted from nose to tail. Mattie was incredibly patient and gentle as our staff worked to untangle her coat (we had to resort to doing some shaving, but were able to comb out much of the mess). Over a period of several days, Mattie was transformed into the gorgeous creature you see here.

Mattie aspires to be the beloved lap cat of somebody who enjoys watching TV, reading, crocheting, or pursuing other sedentary hobbies. She’s a kitty who will require ample time to settle in to her home (she’s a hider at first and will need to be comfortable before you’ll see her). You’ll be rewarded in the end with this stunning, snuggly feline BFF whose good looks are more than matched by her gentle heart.

Pet Facts

Spayed female
Maine Coon Mix


Young adult
Date of Birth: 2020


Long hair


Brown ticked tabby

Special Considerations?



The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA