Moira Meets Her Match

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Moira cat adopted January 2020

Get To Know Moira

Darling Moira is the current ambassador of our Cat Lounge. She is incredibly friendly and greets everyone who comes in by stretching, twining around their legs, and hopping into any available laps. She appears to be about a year old or even a smidge younger.

Moira was part of a group of 5 cats and kittens abandoned at our shelter on a recent night. The kitties all completed their stray hold period and are now up for adoption. Moira will make a first-rate companion in just about any type of household: a quiet single person, a busy family with kids, you name it. She loves everyone and seems to enjoy the company of other nice cats as well.

Moira the cat

Pet Facts


Spayed female domestic cat


Young adult

Coat and Color

Medium length orange tabby


Moira is currently at her new home.