When They Get To Their New Home

Updates On Recent Adoptions

What a difference a loving family and a new home can make to a pet’s life. These are photos sent to us from pets’ new owners after their adoption. Thank you, adopters, for making room in your homes and your hearts for them.

September 17, 2019

Chloe Relaxes At Her New Home

Happy endings make our day! ♥️🐾

“I adopted Sydney on August 1. I named her Chloe, and she is very special to me. She is a very good little girl and she is very happy.”

Chloe the cat relaxing

September 12, 2019

Arnold Is Happy

Arnold was one of the three gigantic (and extremely shy) Great Pyrenees/shepherd mixes we adopted out recently. We were delighted to receive this update from his new dad.

“Willie, who is now Arnold, is doing amazing. He has lost his shyness with us and has turned into a huge goof ball. He is proving to be a protector for his little (dog) sisters. He never lets them out of his sight. He is very loved and eating us out of house and home.” ❤️🐾

Willie the dog happy at home

September 12, 2019

Daisy’s Happy New Family

Daisy, adopted from us in August, is settling in beautifully to her new home. “Daisy gets along well with my Borzoi,” her new mom writes. “I am really happy we brought her into our family!” ♥️🐾

Daisy the dog happy at home

September 6, 2019

Cozy Bear

Bear, adopted from us in 2018, cozies up with his canine BFF. ♥️🐾

Bear the cat happy at home

September 3, 2019

Gibson Waits Patiently

Kitten Gibson, adopted July 5, waiting for dinner with his canine “sister,” Ginger. ♥️🐾

Gibson the kitten waits patiently

September 3, 2019

Nero Learns To Play

One-year-old Nero was quite a handful when he arrived in our care. He’d never been indoors, never walked on a leash, and had enough energy to power a small town. He was adopted from us in July.

“Nero is always smiles with floppy lips,” his dad writes. “We are learning each other! There are times he seems smart, and takes my breath away a bit. And then are those other demonstrations that reveal he’s a bit dim. Maybe he’s finding me a bit dim? LOL!”

Nero the dog learns to play

August 28, 2019

Archie Goes Camping

Adopted pup Archie (formerly Kai) enjoying his first camping trip with his family.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our animals loving life with their people! ❤️🐾

Archie the dog goes camping
Archie the dog goes camping

August 23, 2019


A happy ending update on Sully, another puppy adopted from us two weeks ago. His new mom writes, “First time in my entire life that a puppy slept all night the very first night without a single whimper or even a single sign of stress! Sully is full of puppy vim and vigor but so far is super smart and catching on with his training.” ♥️🐾

Sully the dog

August 23, 2019


Chance, adopted from us last month, living large in “his” vineyard at Boyle MacDonald Wines ❤️🐾

Chance the dog at his new home

August 21, 2019

Daisy Mae

Puppy Daisy Mae, adopted from us a couple weeks ago, enjoys a snuggly nap in her new home with big sister Dakota.

Daisy Mae’s adopters brought Dakota and their other dog to our adoption center to try them out with a new canine family member. When introduced to the first potential dog, all three (including ours!) had the same reaction: “Meh.” Enter option number two, Daisy Mae, and there was instant chemistry all around.

Yep. Dogs definitely have opinions on who their companions should be. These two look awfully pleased they chose one another. ♥️🐾

Daisy Mae the dog at her new home

August 16, 2019


As you can see, recently adopted kitten Sophia has settled right in to her new home. “She’s a doll!” her new mom says. “We just love her so much already.” ❤️🐾

Sophia the cat at her new home

August 16, 2019


Another incredible happy ending. Archie (formerly known as Kai) loving life with his new family. ❤️🐾

Archie the dog at his new home

July 16, 2019

Lola and Ash

This delightful happy ending is a “two-fer.” Chocolate Lab mix Lola and kitten Ash (formerly Silver) were adopted by the same local couple during our opening weekend.

“They’re doing great!” their new family writes. “Lola loves the lake and car rides, and Ash is such a cuddle bug. Lola listens to us super well, while Ash is still a little work, as she loves to play so much! They get along great and chase each other around the house all day.

“Thank you so much again! We love them so much.” ♥️🐾

Lola the dog and Ash the kitten

July 11, 2019


Tex, one of the first dogs adopted from our new shelter, is clearly VERY happy in his new home. “He loves meeting new people and his favorite thing so far is hanging out with his big brother, Dallas,” writes his new mom. “If they aren’t chasing each other or wrestling, they are snuggled up together sleeping. He is a wonderful addition to the family.”

Tex the dog at his new home

July 9, 2019


Newly-adopted kitten Fifi relaxing at home

Fifi the cat

July 9, 2019


The first pet adopted from our new shelter, Benji, chillin’ in his backyard

Benji the dog

July 8, 2019


Recently adopted kitten Björn (formerly Boomer) making friends in his new home. ❤️🐾

Björn the cat

September 17, 2019

Welcome sign - pets at their new home