Current News 2021/22

Secure your trash and save a life!

Secure Your Trash!

When wild animals become habituated to eating human garbage, it can have deadly results. In addition to being incredibly unhealthy for them, trash-eating critters can

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Two cats being fed dry food in a white bowl

365 Days A Year

Our announcement that we were closed for the Fourth of July prompted a couple of questions from our followers. Please know that we have staff

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Tuesday's Child Kitten Being Fed

Tuesday’s Kitten

This little one came to us Tuesday, after a young, inexperienced feral mother cat (barely more than a kitten herself) hid her inside a barbecue

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Home made watermelon pops can help cool down your dog

It’s HOT Out There!

It’s HOT out there! Help your dog(s) beat the heat with homemade pup-sicles. Recipes abound online, from super-easy (just our style!) to ones so complex

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Kittens in need

Kittens In Need

We’ve reached the busiest part of kitten season, and to put it quite simply, we’re buried in the little four-legged boogers. Our foster homes are

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