Puppies, August 2021


Mixed Breed Puppies

Here it is, adoption info for the four adorable nine-week-old somethin’-somethin’ puppers we’ve been showing you on our social media over the last week. If you’re interested in making one of them part of your household, please read this entire post for details.

What are they? Your guess is as good as ours. Mom was a pittie mix; dad is unknown but was probably quite a bit smaller. These puppies are on the petite side and will likely be about 30-35 pounds as adults (please note that this is an estimate and not a guarantee).

They have been lovingly raised in a foster home since the age of four weeks, learning the basics of leash training, potty training, and other great behavior. (You will of course need to continue their education in your own home.)

The deets on the four (there are two girls and two boys):
RYA, the white pup with the big black spot over the eye: FEMALE
REMINGTON, the other white pup: MALE
RANGER, the light brindle fella: MALE
RAINA, the dark brindle cutie: FEMALE

We are doing these puppy adoptions by appointment only to avoid overcrowding at our adoption center.

• Call us on Monday, August 30 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and leave a voicemail: 209-736-9417. Earlybird messages will not be checked, so please call at 9:00 or later. We will return calls in the order they were received.
• Adoptions will take place on Wednesday, September 1 between 11 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Please don’t leave a message if you’re not available to come in and adopt that day; we’re sorry, but we cannot “hold” a puppy for you for a more convenient day.
• You will be able to take your puppy home with you Wednesday. All four have appointments for spay/neuter surgery on October 5. You will need to return your puppy to us on October 4, and we will transport to and from surgery. You will then pick your pup up from us later that day or the next. We welcome out-of-area adopters, but please keep in mind that you’ll be making the trip to our Angels Camp location several times.

Thanks for all your interest!

Pet Facts

Males and females
Mixed breed


Date of Birth: June 2021


Short hair



Special Considerations?



The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA