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Rascal dog adopted January 2020

Get To Know Rascal

Two-year-old new arrival Rascal is a lovely medium size. He appears to be a border collie mix and has a glossy black coat with tan/red accents.

Rascal’s personality gets an A+ from us! He is friendly, outgoing, and extremely loving. He’s adored all the people he’s met so far, and enjoys rollicking play sessions with one of our other friendly dogs. He loves to chase tennis balls, chew on squeaky toys, and have his tummy rubbed.

Rascal could do well in a variety of different home environments. He’s an all-around terrific pup!

Rascal dog

Pet Facts


Neutered male mixed breed dog


Young adult

Birth Date


Coat and Color

Medium length black and tan


Rascal is currently at his new home.