Sam, Steve, and Hannah


San, Steve, and Hannah

These three cattle dog/somethin’ mix pups arrived in our care in early April. It was clear from the get-go that they hadn’t been indoors much, if at all, during their short lives. All were timid, nervous, and excessively bonded to one another in the anxious, dysfunctional way that only littermate puppies left together too long can be. Walking on leash was completely foreign to them, and they spent most of their time in the outdoor portion of their dog suite (being inside made them nervous).

We knew that foster care, and separating these three amigos, was absolutely essential for their emotional growth. They’ve been in foster care for several weeks now, basically learning how to dog. Steve, Sam and Hannah are now crazy for cuddling (Hannah sleeps on the big bed with her foster mom and other pups!) and have become the well-adjusted, happy-go-lucky puppers they were always meant to be. All three have formed wonderful relationships with their respective fosters’ resident dogs and would do best in an environment with one or more friendly dogs as buddies.

We want to transition them directly from foster care to their new adoptive homes without any overnights at our shelter, so the procedure for meeting them is a little more complicated than just stoppin’ by our center. If you’re interested in meeting one of these lovelies, please give us a ring at 209-736-9417, and we’ll work out an appointment time for you to come in when his/her foster is available as well.

Steve, Sam, and Hannah are now almost 7 months old and are ready to experience the world and launch their new lives.

Pet Facts

Males and females
Mixed breed


Junior adult


Short hair


Black and tan

Special Considerations?

Need a dog friend in new home


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