We’ve nicknamed Sara “the UN-Husky.” While she has a number of traits that are typical of the breed, Sara has some outstanding characteristics that are not often seen in Huskies: She has a very soft and gentle personality. She might be OK with cats. She has genuinely liked every person she’s met since being in our care. She’s very calm when she’s chilling with people.

Sara is extremely treat-motivated, and appears to know SIT and DOWN. She is NOT fond of being left alone in our enclosed play yard and will try to escape to reunite with her human friends.

Sara is the mother to a litter of mixed-breed puppies we’ll be adopting out in late September. The puppies are weaned, and Sara is ready to be finished with motherhood and find a home where she’s adored just for being herself. In her foster home, Sara has been occasionally snappy with the resident male dogs. We don’t know if this is because she’s protecting her puppies, or because she was coming into heat (both of which can make a gal cranky with the fellows, no question!). However, she’s been completely indifferent to other dogs while visiting our adoption center (WITHOUT her puppies), and was completely indifferent to livestock at her foster home.

Sara prefers life in her foster home to hangin’ out at our adoption center, so she’s available to meet by appointment only. Call us at (209) 736-9417 and we’ll set up a time when her foster family can bring her to our adoption center to meet you.

Pet Facts



Young adult
Date of Birth: 2019


Short hair



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The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA