Shepherd Mix Puppies


Shepherd Mix Puppies

We have the sweetest of Valentine’s surprises to share:

The time has arrived for Isabelle’s puppies to be adopted! It’s been eight weeks since that day (and night) just before Christmas when we all breathlessly followed Isabelle’s delivery at our adoption center.

Isabelle, who arrived in our care horribly emaciated and in a state of starvation, sadly had six stillborn puppies. But her six survivors, although underweight and undersize at birth, thrived from the moment they drew breath. They have more than caught up to where they should be — in a word, these puppies are CHONKS.

Isabelle was able to raise her puppies in a loving foster home, and it’s time for this little family to begin their solo adventures.

Mom Isabelle (who will be ready for adoption soon!) appears to be a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix. The dad of these puppies is a complete unknown.

If you’d like to adopt, an advance appointment will be needed. Please read the information below if you’re interested in welcoming one of these puppies into your home. This one’s a call Wednesday/adopt Thursday scenario. We have 4 girls and 2 boys.

• Call and leave us a voicemail on Wednesday 2/16 beginning at 10:00 a.m. to request an appointment. Earlybird calls will not be checked. We will return calls later that day in the order they were received. If you do not answer or your phone goes straight to voicemail, we will move on to the next caller.
• Adoption appointments will be scheduled for Thursday 2/17 between 11:00-4:00. We’re sorry, but we’re not able to hold a puppy for you for a different day.
• You will be able to take your new puppy home Thursday.
• The adoption fee is $145. You will also need to place a spay/neuter deposit with us (a check we hold is fine, or we’ll record but not charge your debit/credit card), refundable when you return your puppy to us for surgery. Females: $250, Males: $100
• You will be given the spay/neuter appointment date at the time of adoption, and must return your puppy to us then. (We provide transport for your puppy to and from the veterinary clinic.) The date of surgery is non-negotiable. Please be certain you can honor this commitment before you adopt. We welcome out-of-area adopters, but please factor in this mandatory return trip.
• We do not place littermate puppies together. You may only adopt one.

We’re so excited to be launching these puppies into their new lives! Their on-site birth was a first for us, and we’re awfully attached.

Pet Facts

Litter of puppies
Males and females
Mixed breed


Date of Birth: 12/23/21


Short hair


Black and tan

Special Considerations?

Cannot be adopted together


The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA