Thanksgiving – What Foods Can You Share?

We’ve all seen the dire posts warning against all the potentially dangerous foods not to give your dogs on Thanksgiving. In a nutshell, the big danger is pancreatitis, a potentially deadly inflammation of the pancreas caused by the sudden ingestion of fatty foods.

But we know you guys are savvy. You’re not going to give your pups turkey skin or gravy or cooked bones. Instead, let’s focus on the tidbits you CAN share with your pups during the holiday meal:

  • White meat turkey
  • Sweet potatoes/yams (before the butter and brown sugar)
  • Potatoes (plain, no butter or milk/cream)
  • Giblets (before they go into the gravy)
  • Plain green beans
  • Canned pumpkin (not pie mix)

If you’re so inclined, go ahead and set a petite plate (less is more!) for your four-legged family members this holiday, and let them share in the festivities. Sadly, the wrong foods will land a whole lot of American pets in the veterinary ER Thursday night — but yours won’t be among them.