Meet VENUS, a beautiful short-haired gray tabby junior.  Venus is still a bit shy but is very sweet, gentle and quite playful once she gets to know you.  She has an independent nature and has definite opinions of what she likes and doesn’t like––she likes pets and attention but doesn’t like changes in her routine.  Sometimes she likes to be picked up and cuddled in your arms and other times she prefers to be left alone to chill.  Venus will need to be adopted by someonewho will give her lots of love and time to adjust to her new surroundings.  She gets along well with her littermates but may also enjoy being the only cat in the household.  Since Venus is already spayed, she can go home with you right away.

Please use VENUS’s intake number (A054647) when making inquiries at the shelter.

All cats available for adoption at Calaveras County Animal Services are up-to-date on their routine vaccinations will be microchipped.  All unaltered cats must be spayed or neutered before they can go home with you.

Pet Facts

Spayed female


Junior adult


Short hair


Grey tabby

Special Considerations?



The Calaveras County Animal Shelter. Listed here courtesy of CHS. Contact: [email protected] or contact Calaveras County Animal Services at 754-6509.