Water For Wildlife? Don’t Do It.

The drought is making it miserable for wildlife as their natural water sources are drying out and the vegetation they feed on is dying. But should you put out water for the wild critters? The answer might surprise you.

The fact is, most wildlife experts do not recommend providing artificial water sources for animals.

• Stagnant water is a dangerous breeding ground for bacteria and disease, both of which spread easily between animals at a water source.
• An artificial water source attracts multiple animals, which can lead to aggression, both between animals of the same species and animals of different species.
• You may find it pleasant to see deer, raccoons, skunks or other animals drinking from a water source in your yard, but your neighbors may be alarmed at the increase in animal activity. It is far too common for neighbors to hire trappers to eliminate what they see as an increase in “nuisance” wildlife, which is actually animals visiting a water or food source provided by a well-meaning person.

Want to help the responsible way? Be diligent about conserving water so that the reservoirs, lakes and streams our wildlife naturally drink from aren’t as depleted. ❤🐾