Where Are The Dogs?

“Don’t get me wrong, I love kitties,” writes one of our devoted followers. “But why do you share so many posts about kittens? Where are the dogs? I love them too!”

We hear you! And just as soon as our shelter and adoption center is open for business, we pledge to offer equally as many dog-related posts. We’ll want to show off new arrivals, happy endings, special stories, and so much more.

Until then, much of our news comes from our thriving feline foster program. Our volunteer foster homes are just chock-full of kitten-y goodness.

But trust us, once we have dogs in our care as well, you’ll be blown away by the cute canines too. We promise. And it’s right around the corner — sometime in the next few weeks, we hope. ♥️🐾

Question from Kat on Facebook: “Do dogs go to foster homes too? Are they taught basic discipline…like sit and heel?”

Answer: We will have a foster program for dogs once our shelter is open. Foster candidates will primarily be sick, injured, or underage (younger than 8 weeks) dogs and puppies.