Where Do We Get Our Pets?

Data time!

By law, our shelter and adoption center is unable to accept stray animals. This leads a lot of folks to ask us, “Well, where do you get your pets then?” Check out this handy-dandy pie chart to see where our adoptable pets have come from over the last eight months.

The majority (more than half) are brought to us by their owners who can no longer keep them for a wide variety of reasons. Though we can occasionally accept an animal from outside the area, we give priority to residents of Calaveras County. More than 99% of the owner-surrendered pets we’ve taken in to date are from within our county.

The second-highest number of animals received is via transfers from our friends at Calaveras County Animal Services. We are pleased to be able to help them out in this way.

Finally, we also accept transfers from our other nearby shelter partners, City of Stockton Animal Shelter, Lodi Animal Services, and Tuolumne County Animal Control. Unlike some other organizations, we do not “import” animals (typically highly adoptable ones) from far away or even out of state for placement, as we feel there are enough pets in need right here in our part of northern California. ❤️🐾