Calaveras Humane Society in Calaveras County, California

Our Mission

Our goal is to promote an excellent quality of life for the animals of Calaveras County. We have a small staff and a dedicated volunteer team. In addition, Calaveras Humane Society involves the community in achieving our mission. We care about the destiny and welfare of companion animals and their owners. i918kiss mega888official

We provide numerous programs and services. We offer spay and neuter discount vouchers to low-income Calaveras residents. Our vet bill assistance program helps local, low-income senior citizens with veterinary costs. The CHS Pet Food Bank helps folks keep their pets even when the budget is tight. Explore our website to find out about our many services. joker123official

Our brand-new Animal Adoption Center in Angels Camp, California is now open. Once all meeting restrictions are lifted, we hope you’ll stop by and pay us a visit, even if you’re not planning to adopt a new animal companion. We have lots for you to see! pussy888official live22malaysia

With the help of our community, we turn good ideas into positive action. xe88-official

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  • Our Animals
    Calaveras Humane Society Adopt Animals
    Animals can be adopted and we help owners find lost pets.
  • Services and Programs
    Calaveras Humane Society services
    We offer many services to pet owners in Calaveras County, from financial aid to special offers on adoptions. If we can help, we will.
  • Donations
    Calaveras Humane Society - donations
    We are a local non-profit organization which succeeds thanks to the generosity of the people and businesses in our community and beyond.
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    Calaveras Humane Society - volunteer to help
    Calaveras Humane Society depends on volunteers who participate in many different ways.
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    News about special events, adoption promotions, and more.
  • About Calaveras Humane Society
    our mission
    We are an organization with a small staff and a dedicated volunteer team who care about the destiny and welfare of companion animals.