About Calaveras Humane Society

We Have Goals

Our mission is to promote an excellent quality of life for the animals of Calaveras County. We seek to involve and engage the greater community in achieving our mission.

About Us

We Are A Local, Non-Profit Organization

We are not affiliated with any national organizations or lobbying groups, nor do we receive any government or taxpayer funding.

We are funded by generous contributions from our community, grants, proceeds from our thrift store, and dedicated volunteer efforts that help run our organization.

Working Together

Our organization has a small staff and a dedicated volunteer team. All of us care about the destiny and welfare of companion animals.

Office and Animal Shelter Location In Angels Camp

Thrift Store Location In Arnold

Give Us A Call

Angels Camp Office and Shelter
  209 – 736 – 9417

Arnold Thrift Store
  209 – 795 – 4483

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News From CHS

Calaveras Humane Society Organization Chart

Executive Director

Dee Dee Drake


Allen Dodson

Board Members

Mike Croshaw

Trish Elliott

Matt Hatcher

JoAnn Kromfols, Board Member Emeritus

Calaveras Humane Society Board of Directors