Sponsor Foster Care Pets

Sponsor an Animal

Sponsors are individuals or businesses who make a financial donation for the care of one or more of our animals.

Dog OR cat sponsorhip is $300/each. That’s it! We’ll choose a pet in need for you to sponsor (or, if you’d like to donate in person, you may come in and choose a pet to sponsor). Your gift will help us continue to give outstanding care to rescued animals while they wait for their permanent home.

sponsor foster program kittens

How Are Donations Used?

CHS purchases food and pet supplies and pays for veterinary care for all our animals, whether in our shelter or in foster care. These costs vary from pet to pet but can be significant, depending on the particular animal’s medical needs.

Individual Sponsors

Your name will be mentioned on social media when we post that animal’s adoption. We have a following of more than 10,000 people! We can also keep your donation anonymous if you wish.

Business Sponsors

We will thank your business on social media when your sponsored pet is adopted, and we will also tag your business’ social media page(s) if you have them.