Gracie - Reserved

Gracie was found in the middle of the road in Jenny Lind at about one week of age, and was brought to the Calaveras Humane Society by a Good Samaritan.  She wasn’t old enough (or mobile enough) to have gotten into the street by herself, and based on the “road rash” on her face (minor scrapes that have since healed), it’s possible she was dropped by a hawk or other predator.

Gracie was lovingly bottle-raised in a volunteer foster home, and as a result is very sweet and people-oriented.  She is playful, cuddly and sweet, and will make a first-rate companion.

Cat Facts

Female Domestic cat
Coat and color
Short Hair Brown Tabby w/ White

To ask about Gracie

Gracie is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Erica at



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