Spay & Neuter Help

To obtain discount spay/neuter vouchers call us at 209-736-9417 to receive one by postal mail. Please do not email us to obtain vouchers. You may pick up vouchers in person at our office in San Andreas during office business hours at 576 East Saint Charles St, or at either of our two Cat Adoption Centers in Arnold and Angels Camp (see the sidebar for locations and hours).  You may also pick up vouchers at Calaveras Animal Services, located at 891 Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas . You must present the voucher at the time of your veterinary appointment.  It is your responsibility to pay the remaining charge for the surgery.

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

  • Spaying and neutering prevents pet population explosion. A roaming male dog or cat can impregnate several females in heat in a single day.
  • Neutered/spayed pets are less aggressive and less likely to bite and fight.
  • Neutered/spayed pets (especially males) are less territorial and less likely to roam. 80% of dogs and cats hit by cars are unaltered.
  • Neutered males are less likely to mark territory.
  • Spayed females will not have heat cycles.
  • Neutered males can’t develop testicular tumors (the most common malignancy in males) and have a lower incidence of prostate cancer.
  • Spayed females typically stay healthier and live longer. They have a lower incidence of mammary tumors and do not develop uterine or ovarian cancers.
  • Spaying and neutering removes the urge to mate, so your pet’s attention is focused more on you.

Calaveras County  and Bear Valley Residents – NOW is the time for you to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered!  We can help.

The Calaveras Humane Society can help defray some of the expense of spay and neuter operations on dogs and cats.  We offer discount vouchers to county residents throughout the year.

$45 for a female dog
$30 for a female cat

$30 for a male dog
$20 for a male cat

The vouchers are only for Calaveras County and Bear Valley residents and can be redeemed at any veterinarian office, clinic, or hospital that accepts them, inside or outside of Calaveras County.

2013 Update:  For two years the value of the vouchers was bolstered by a grant from the Wintercreek Foundation. The Wintercreek Grant enabled the CHS to temporarily double the voucher values. During that time, 1,263 dogs and 2,266 cats were spayed or neutered through the program. Many thanks go to the Wintercreek Foundation for its support.  The grant has now expired, so vouchers have returned to their regular values.