Spay & Neuter Help

The Calaveras Humane Society can help defray some of the expense of spay/neuter surgery on dogs and catsCalaveras County and Bear Valley residents who cannot otherwise afford to have their pets altered are eligible for spay/neuter vouchers. The vouchers can be used at any participating veterinary office, inside or outside of Calaveras County. For a list of participating vets or if you have any questions about vouchers or the voucher request process, please call our office at (209) 736-9417.

Requesting A Voucher

spay1)  Pets need to have their spay/neuter appointment with a veterinary office BEFORE a voucher can be issued. Please allow plenty of time between your appointment and your voucher request, so that our office has time to get the voucher sent to your vet.

2)  A REQUEST FORM must be completed and submitted to receive a voucher. Vouchers are only generated at the office.

3)  The voucher will be mailed or delivered directly to the veterinary office unless the pet owner picks up the voucher at the Humane Society office. Vouchers are embossed and cannot be copied.

Voucher values: 

$45 for a female dog
$30 for a male dog

$30 for a female cat
$20 for a male cat

Voucher Request Forms may be completed in one of the following ways:

1) You may use any of the methods listed on the bottom of the form to submit your completed form. For convenience, we recommend that you fill in the form on your computer, save, then email it to

  • Download our easy, fillable Interactive Form: Interactive Voucher Request Form
  • Or download our regular version of the form: Voucher Request Form. Fill in the fields using the “Add Text” and “Add Checkmark” tools in the latest version of Adobe Reader (do not use the signature tool). Or print and fill in by hand.

2) You may also call the Humane Society office at 736-9417 and supply the necessary information over the phone.

3) Request forms are also available at the Humane Society Thrift Stores/Adoption Centers, or at the Humane Society Office (see sidebar for hours and locations).

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet?

  • BabiesSpaying and neutering prevents pet population explosion and the needless suffering of strays and unwanted pets. A roaming male dog or cat can impregnate several females in heat in a single day!
  • Spayed/Neutered pets are less aggressive and less likely to bite and fight.
  • Spayed/Neutered pets (especially males) are less territorial and less likely to roam. 80% of dogs and cats hit by cars are unaltered.
  • Neutered males are less likely to mark territory.
  • Spayed females will not have heat cycles.
  • Neutered males can’t develop testicular tumors (the most common malignancy in males) and have a lower incidence of prostate cancer.
  • Spayed females typically stay healthier and live longer. They have a lower incidence of mammary tumors and do not develop uterine or ovarian cancers.
  • Spaying and neutering removes the urge to mate, so your pet has less stress, is generally more content, and his or her attention is focused more on you.