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Willow is one of three kittens who were orphaned when their mother was hit by a car.  They were bottle-raised from the age of three weeks in a CHS foster home.

Willow is a super sweet kitten. She enjoys going crazy and having a great time with her brothers. She is also a little daredevil when it comes to the kitty tower.  She likes to jump from high places and always lands on her foster mom, which always scares foster mom as she does not know what’s coming.  Willow loves to snuggle with her siblings when she is not playing. When Willow is not getting snuggles she is having a great time running all over the place.  She gets herself into tight places once in a while and has to get help. Willow, like her brother Winston, enjoys it when it’s meal time.  She is second to get to the food bowl.

Cat Facts

Female domestic cat
Coat and color
short hair gray and white

To ask about Willow

Willow is currently sheltered by a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer foster home

Please contact
Erica at ericamkenmir@yahoo.com.



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