Bring Back Borrowed Traps, Please

If you’ve borrowed a cat trap from us as part of our feral cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) program, and now it’s just lying around in your garage or behind your house, PLEASE bring it back!

Numerous traps have been borrowed and not returned, and folks aren’t responding to our phone pleas to get them back. We charge a small deposit for trap loans, which sadly doesn’t cover the cost of the trap. We used to require a bigger deposit, but borrowers complained that they couldn’t be parted from their money for the time it took them to use the trap. ☹️

Traps can be returned (and your deposit refunded) anytime we’re open, Wednesday through Sunday, 11-5. Fair warning: If you left a check or credit card number as a deposit, we will be processing those soon for unreturned traps. ❤🐾