We Appreciate The Generosity Of Our Community

Thank You Donors

Without generous donations from individuals and organizations, your Calaveras Humane Society could not help so many of the families and pets in our area. Listed here are just a few of the people whose donations have kept our programs going. From food, to monetary donations, to blankets,  we are sincerely grateful for everyone’s contributions

Thank you from the itty bitty kitties
Thank You 2021 Donors
Our thanks
Thank You 2020 Donors

Thank You Staff, Foster Families, and Volunteers

We’re just bursting with appreciation for these unsung heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic: pet fosters! Our compassionate community stepped up and allowed us to place virtually all our shelter animals (dogs, cats, and even a trio of bunnies!) into loving foster homes for the duration of our closure. Some of you offered before we even asked!

Thank You 2021 Volunteers
Thank You 2021 Volunteers
Thank You 2020 Volunteers
Thank You 2020 Volunteers