Injured Puppy Needs Support

This precious little seven-week-old speck was brought to Stanislaus Animal Services Agency with what they determined to be a spiral fracture to his left tibia. We were happy to transfer him into our care Saturday when they put the word out to their rescue partners.

You golfers out there know that a mulligan is a second chance, and that’s exactly what this nugget is getting. Mulligan is now cozy and warm in one of our volunteer foster homes. He has excellent pain medication provided to us by the Stanislaus medical team to tide him over till his visit to Angels Camp Veterinary Group this week.

We’re not sure what kind of treatment or surgery will be recommend for Mulligan, but we do know that it will likely be pricey. We’d greatly appreciate donations to help offset the cost of his care:

And if there’s a golf course or country club that would like to sponsor little Mulligan’s expenses, please reach out. We’ll make sure you get tons of fabulous PR for your kindness and community spirit. If you’re a member of one, tell the big dogs about this awesome opportunity. (Other types of businesses welcome, of course!)

We’ll keep you all posted on Mulligan’s progress and provide updates on our social media when we have new info. Thank you in advance to anyone who’s able to give!