Linda Burns – Volunteer of the Year 2018

Meet Linda Burns - Our Volunteer of the Year 2018


Rail Road Flat resident Linda Burns has been a Calaveras Humane Society volunteer since 2006. “I started out collecting donation box money, and a month later I was asked to take over as team leader!” she remembers. Under Burns’ supervision, income from the donation boxes (those clear acrylic banks at retail check stands in stores throughout the county) has doubled, “in spite of our local economy,” says Burns.

In 2010, Burns also began volunteering in the cat adoption center in our Arnold thrift store, caring for the cats and kittens and assisting the public in selecting and adopting their new feline friends. She now oversees the scheduling of all volunteers at that location, and fields questions from both them and the public during open hours. “I used to turn my computer on maybe every three days,” she says. “Now it sometimes doesn’t even get turned off at night.”

Burns averages 40-50 hours of volunteer work per month, and takes tremendous pride and satisfaction in the work she does. “I have rewarding experiences continually while talking to people about their pets…or being lucky enough to participate in an adoption,” she says. “It always amazes me what conversations I get to have just because I’m wearing a CHS t-shirt.”

Congratulations to the Calaveras Humane Society’s 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Linda Burns! We give thanks for all that she does for our organization.

July 30, 2018