Milton is an extremely special fellow who’s ready to find his person or family. This 15-pound scruffly somethin’-somethin’ was transferred to us by our friends at Calaveras County Animal Services because he had a major medical issue: a very large perineal hernia that would require costly surgery.

Milton’s hernia was not causing any pain, but if left untreated it could have created major complications down the road. (And it was pretty awful to look at, too.) Thanks to our grant from California for All Animals/UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program, Milton was able to have his procedure at Angels Camp Veterinary Group and recover in a loving foster home. He also had a few loose teeth pulled while he was under.

What kind of home is ideal for Milton? He’s low-key and, according to his fosters, an “easy keeper.” If you want to go for a walk, he’s game. If you want to chill on the couch, he’s delighted to do that with you. He adores the (very) big dogs in his foster home, even cuddling with them for naps — though he’s not one for roughhousing or dog play. He’s indifferent to the family’s bunny, and likely wouldn’t be interested in cats either.

Milton loooooves all people and is always friendly and happy to see folks. At 7-8 years old, Milton could be an ideal companion for a senior, or could do equally well in a variety of other environments.

Shortly after his surgery, it became apparent that Milton has a seizure disorder. His foster mom has worked hard in collaboration with his doctors to get the dosage just right for his anti-seizure drugs. The daily meds are very inexpensive and his adopter can easily continue his care at ACVH, where they have all his records and test results on file. His file is available to transfer elsewhere, too. He needs to take his meds faithfully every 8 hours to prevent seizures.

The vets think that Milton may have experienced some sort of trauma. He has a wonky right eye that is blind, and this, plus the loose teeth, hernia, and seizures, could all be the result of being hit by a car — or possibly abused.

Milton is available to meet at our Angels Camp adoption center. No appointment is needed. His adopter(s) will be given a supply of his meds and will need to use our certificate for a free veterinary check-up to get a refill within a few weeks. We’re open Wednesday through Saturday from 11-5 and are looking forward to seeing Milton settled and thriving in his new life.

Pet Facts

Neutered male
Mixed breed




Medium length


Gray and White

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