Peggy Sue

We love YOU, Peggy Sue, with a love so rare and true.

We can’t help singing to this marshmallow every chance we get. There’s just something about (pretty pretty pretty little) Peggy Sue that invites an immediate rendition of her namesake tune.

She adores it, too, even though none of us can carry a tune. Peggy Sue is an absolute love sponge, just soaking in the attention and affection. She will loll on her back on the couch and place a not-so-dainty paw on you if the scritches or serenading stop.

Peggy Sue loves wearing sweaters and jackets in this nippy weather and parades in them like a runway model for your admiration. She positively glows when you tell her how gorgeous she is.

We’re calling her a pittie/heeler mix, and at 8 years of age, Peggy Sue is what we call a “just add water” companion. She is housetrained, easygoing, and ready to slide seamlessly into your routine. Peggy Sue is somewhat hard of hearing (though she DOES hear louder sounds).

She’ll be having a dental with our veterinarian soon and will start her new life with a set of clean, shiny teeth.

Peggy Sue has been enjoying the company of other dogs here. We don’t have a history of whether she’s lived with kitties, but we can provide terrific info on doing good introductions to maximize success.

Pet Facts

Spayed female
Mixed breed


Date of Birth: 2016


Short hair


White and red

Special Considerations?

Very affectionate, loves being petted, likes a friendly lap


The Calaveras Humane Society Shelter – 1209 Highway 49 – Angels Camp, CA