Protecting Her Babies

Some critical background info on that video that’s being shared everywhere right now of a Utah runner’s encounter with a mountain lion:

Disregard the sensational and off-mark comments you see (“That dude was gonna get eaten!”). Wildlife experts have stated that this video depicts the big cat “escorting” the human intruder from her concealed kittens. The display this cat is making is to drive something/someone AWAY. (Incidentally, prey being hunted by a mountain lion won’t be aware until the final moments.)

No, she’s not stalking him with plans to make him her next meal. Yes, she’ll harm him if he doesn’t leave, in order to protect her offspring. And no, humans are not the preferred diet of wild cats. When their natural prey is plentiful, these majestic animals have no interest in attacking and eating people. ❤️🐾

mountain lion escorting person away from her babies

Mountain lion
Mountain lion