Rescued From A Gas Station

How dedicated are Calaveras Humane staff members? So dedicated that they come back from vacations with puppies!

Staffer Lorrie was on her way back from an RV trip earlier this week and stopped at a gas station in Avenal (Kings County), where her husband saw a man giving away puppies outside. 😞

Lorrie scooped up the remaining two pups, brought them home, and immediately got them settled into one of our volunteer foster homes.

The two girls, Ava and Nala, are allegedly chihuahua/dachshund mixes (but only DNA can tell for sure). They’re just five weeks old and won’t be available for adoption for at least 4-5 more weeks.

We’re awfully lucky that their foster mom takes amazing photos!

Sorry, we’re unable to keep a “waiting list” — we’ll post here and on our website when they’re ready for new homes. ❤🐾