Samson Has Been Adopted

Pet Listing

Samson dog adopted February 2020

Get To Know Samson

Meet Samson, the gentle giant!

Samson is eight months old and already weighs a whopping 96 pounds. He’s going to be quite a big boy when he’s all grown up! His front feet are the size of some of our staff members’ hands.

Samson has lived his entire life as an outside-only dog. Despite this, he keeps his suite clean and likes to go potty outdoors for us.

When you first meet Samson, he can be a bit shy but warms up very quickly. He’s new to a collar and leash but has taken to them well.

Samson has a sweet, eager-to-please personality. He was indifferent to cats when introduced to them but should not live with livestock (he pestered the sheep in his first home).

Do you have room in your heart (and on your couch) for this larger-than-life fellow? He will reward you with total devotion and friendship.

Samson dog

Pet Facts


Neutered male Rottweiler/Lab mix dog



Birth Date

 June 2019

Coat and Color

Short hair black and tan


Samson is currently at his new home.